An Architectural Model for Deploying Critical Infrastructure Services in the Cloud

  • Autor:

    Roland Bless,
    Marcus Schöller,
    Paul Smith,
    Frank Pallas,
    Jens Horneber

  • Quelle:

    IEEE CloudCom 2013

  • Datum: 2013
  • The Cloud Computing operational model is a major recent trend in the IT industry, which has gained tremendous momentum. This trend will likely also reach the IT services that support Critical Infrastructures (CI), because of the potential cost savings and benefits of increased resilience due to elastic cloud behaviour. However, realizing CI services in the cloud introduces security and resilience requirements that existing offerings do not address well. For example, due to the opacity of cloud environments, the risks of deploying cloud-based CI services are difficult to assess, especially at the technical level, but also from legal or business perspectives. This paper discusses challenges and objectives related to bringing CI services into cloud environments, and presents an architectural model as a basis for the development of technical solutions with respect to those challenges.