Smart Grid Information Security and Privacy: Between Green Fields and Regulatory Inevitabilities

  • Autor:

    Frank Pallas,
    Oliver Raabe
    Mieke Lorenz,
    Eva Weis

  • Quelle:

    Cyber Security Lecture, Austrian Institute of Technology / TU Wien

  • Datum: 2014
  • Ex-post-text from lecture-webpage:

    "After giving a brief introduction to smart grid security and privacy, Prof Pallas raised the question why the numerous scientific contributions in this area have not found their way into practical application. He argued that this is largely due to the fact that regulatory constraints have been overlooked in these works, and summarised the main paradigms and preconditions from European regulation, referring in particular to the conditions and implications of Europe’s liberalised energy market. Prof Pallas ended his talk by sharing advice that any well-founded approach to smart grid information security and privacy should consider these constraints in order to be actually applicable."